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Table 5 Total timea required for contact management and LTBI care for all steps along the LTBI Cascade of Care

From: Resource implications of the latent tuberculosis cascade of care: a time and motion study in five countries

 Identify contactsPlace TSTbRead TSTbConduct Medical Evaluationb,cRecommend and Discuss LTBI Treatmentb,cLTBI Follow-up Visitb,c,dTotal Time Per Index Case (hours)
Country(A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)Σ (A-F)
  1. aPredicted time (min) for each step from linear mixed models (LMM) shown in Supplementary Tables S15
  2. bAssumes step accounts for all household contacts (HHC) for one index case; based on average number of HHC per index patient in each country observed in the main study: Benin = 3.9; Ghana = 8.8; Indonesia = 3.3; Vietnam = 2.8; Canada = 3.6
  3. cAssumes a prevalence of TST positive for HHC of index patient is 50% in LMIC and 28% in Canada (Fox 2013)
  4. dAssumes 5 follow-up visits for 6 months of INH treatment of LTBI in LMIC and 3 follow-up visits for 4 months of RIF treatment of LTBI in Canada