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Table 4 HCW time required for each encounter/activity in the LTBI Cascade of Care, by country income level and cadre of workers (from linear mixed model)

From: Resource implications of the latent tuberculosis cascade of care: a time and motion study in five countries

ModelTime (min)95% CI*
1. Identify contactsNurse in Canadaa12.8(5.1, 20.6)
Nurse in LMICb7.5(0.9, 14.2)
2. Place TSTNurse in Canada15.8(11.4, 20.2)
Nurse in LMIC4.5(0.0*, 9.5)
3. Read TSTNurse in Canada12.0(9.5, 14.5)
Nurse in LMIC2.9(0.0*, 5.8)
4. Conduct medical evaluationDoctor in Canada13.1(10.2, 15.9)
Doctor in LMIC9.7(5.0, 14.4)
1.1.5. Recommend and discuss LTBI treatmentcDoctor in Canada14.3(9.8, 18.8)
Nurse in Canada16.0(11.3, 20.8)
Doctor in LMIC5.5(0.0*, 11.7)
Nurse in LMIC7.2(1.8, 12.5)
6. LTBI follow-up visitNurse in Canada14.8(10.3, 19.3)
Nurse in LMIC6.5(1.2, 11.9)
  1. aCanada is the one high-income country
  2. bLMICs include: Benin, Ghana, Indonesia, and Vietnam
  3. cIn the LMM for Step #5, there was not a statistically significant interaction between type of HCW and setting, so the expected difference between doctors and nurses is the same whether in HIC or LMIC settings
  4. *Note: Where the CI lower limit is below zero, values were cut-off at 0 minutes