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Table 3 The most frequent RFEs by ICPC-2 codes and initial response; medical consultation doctor, telephone advice, home visit by doctor, call out by ambulance and doctor (n = 32,386)

From: Contact characteristics and factors associated with the degree of urgency among older people in emergency primary health care: a cross-sectional study

ICPC-2 codeInitiated response & ICPC-2 code namen(%)Rate a
Medical consultation doctor (n = 16,862)
 R02Shortness of breath/dyspnoea898(5.3)9
 D01Abdominal pain/cramps general786(4.7)8
 U71Cystitis/urinary infection604(3.6)6
 A11Chest pain491(2.9)5
Telephone advice only (n = 11,856)
 A13Concern about/fear of medical treatment948(8.0)10
 A28Limited function/disability581(4.9)6
 U71Cystitis/urinary infection495(4.2)5
 A29General symptom/complaint376(3.2)4
 R02Shortness of breath/dyspnoea367(3.1)4
 D01Abdominal pain/cramps general358(3.0)4
Home visit by doctor (n = 2043)
 R02Shortness of breath/dyspnoea155(7.6)1
 A29General symptom/complaint other66(3.2)1
 D01Abdominal pain/cramps general56(2.7)1
Call out by ambulance and doctor (n = 1625)
 A11Chest pain NOS252(15.0)3
 R02Shortness of breath/dyspnoea159(9.8)2
 K01Heart pain149(9.2)2
 K90Stroke/cerebrovascular accident108(6.7)1
 D01Abdominal pain/cramps general59(3.7)1
 L13Hip symptom/complaint51(3.2)1
  1. a Rate per 1000 inhabitants 70 years and older per year