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Table 2 ACHIEVE Program Sessions

From: Development and pilot testing of a health education program to improve immigrants’ access to Canadian health services

Session Number and TitleDetails
Session 1: The Ontario Healthcare System• How to obtain and renew a health card
• Ontario Health Insurance Plan coverage
• Emergency services
Session 2: Family Doctors• Finding a family doctor
• Specialist services
• Confidentiality
Session 3: Communication• Common symptoms (headache, fever)
• How to book an appointment
• Accessing valid health information
Session 4: Overcoming Specific Barriers• Vaccinations
• Screening tests
• Lyme disease
Session 5: Mental Health I• Common mental illness in immigrant populations
• Good and poor mental health
• Stigmatization of mental illness
Session 6: Mental Health II• Types of doctors in mental health
• Wellness exercises
Session 7: Sexual Health• Types of contraceptives
• Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) prevention
• Maternal health
  1. The complete ACHIEVE curriculum