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Table 2 Managerial competences: sections

From: Managerial competences in public organisations: the healthcare professionals’ perspective

LeadershipHierarchic Top-down leadership approach
Empowerment Participatory leadership
CostingBroad Economic evaluation at the macro-level
Sectorial Economic evaluation at the micro-level
AnalysisOperation management Focus on practices to create efficiency
Project management Focus on methods to achieve the project objectives
CommunicationInformal Not using formal methods
Formal Official exchange of information
Human resource managementBasic approach Focus on the basic aspects of HRM
Competence approach Focus on enhancing the skills of employees
Organisational designMechanistic structure Bureaucratic vision of the organisation
Organic structure Objective and results orientation
ProgrammingTools Orientation to programming tools
Processes Process planning orientation
QualityManagerial Focus on management aspects that generate quality
Technical Assessment of the technical aspects of quality