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Table 6 Enablers identified within the studies, arranged within the Access dimensions

From: Access to appropriate health care for non-English speaking migrant families with a newborn/young child: a systematic scoping literature review

Access dimensionEnabler (citation)Perspective of study
 Migrant/ refugee womenMigrant/ refugee menHealth professionalsVoluntary workers
 Ability to perceiveEarly receipt of information [19]   
 Ability to seekN/A    
 Ability to reachFamily and social support [20]   
Community-based services close to home [23] 
 Ability to payN/A    
 Ability to engageN/A    
 ApproachabilityEncourage community and social support [17, 18]  
Accessible information on health [18]   
 AcceptabilityCultural sensitivity and understanding [17,18,19, 21, 23, 24]
Involve fathers in care [22]  
Culturally appropriate services [18]   
Appropriate referral pathways [19]   
 Availability and accommodationHold clinics in a familiar, trusted location [17]   
Develop holistic clinics [17]   
Interpreters [21]   
 AppropriatenessBuilding trusting, empathetic and ongoing relationships [17, 19, 22, 23]
Thinking ‘outside the box’ [17, 20]  
Longer appointment times [23]