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Table 5 Association of socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents with their TBIC knowledge and practices (N = 200)

From: Knowledge and practices regarding tuberculosis infection control among nurses in Ibadan, south-west Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Exposure variableKnowledgePractices
ORp-value95% CIORp-value95% CI
Sex (Reference: Female)1.740.620.19–15.63.330.290.36–31.0
Age (Reference: = < 44 years)0.790.620.32–1.980.340.110.09–1.30
Experience category (Reference: = < 18 years)1.080.870.43–2.690.250.04*0.06–0.94
Professional rank (Reference: Senior)1.350.520.55–3.350.460.260.12–1.75
Marital status (Reference: Married)1.150.860.24–5.420.980.980.12–8.06
Knowledge (Reference: Poor)   0.480.510.00–3.12
  1. *p < 0.05; Exact logistic regression