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Table 9 Parents’ responses to whether they have a feeling of uncertainty, fear or nervousness towards the child’s sickness or disease

From: Measuring patient experiences in a Children’s hospital with a medical clowning intervention: a case-control study

Are you currently feeling uncertainty, fear or nervous towards your child’s sickness or disease?Before procedureaAfter procedureb
Intervention group (n = 38)Reference group (n = 30)Intervention group (n = 38)Reference group (n = 30)
Agree or strongly agree39%43%13%13%
Not sure32%27%21%20%
Disagree or strongly disagree29%30%66%67%
  1. aQuestions were asked after the parents had entered the Day Surgery Unit and given their consent to participate in the study
  2. bQuestions were asked after the child’s procedure and before the family went home