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Table 4 Uptake of preventive health care services

From: Preventive healthcare uptake in private hospitals in Nigeria: a cross-sectional survey (Nisa premier hospital)

VariablesN (%)
Preventive health care services accessed in past 2 years
 Pap smear57 (15)
 BP check249 (65)
 Blood sugar207 (54)
 Cholesterol/lipids90 (24)
 Screening for STIs (Including HIV)162 (43)
 Screening for Hepatitis B & C147 (39)
 Chlamydia screen10 (3)
 Colon cancer screen4 (1)
 Prostate cancer screen17 (4)
 Dental screen85 (22)
 Eye care124 (33)
 Weight check188 (49)
 Others (specify)5 (1)
Barriers to preventive health care access
 Poor access/distance to the health care providers137 (36)
 Cultural and religious beliefs40 (10)
 Underutilization of available health information66 (17)
 Inadequate/lack of health insurance coverage127 (33)
 Stigma and social norms towards accessing certain health services49 (13)
 Inadequate education on benefits of preventive healthcare74 (19)
 Cost of health care173 (45)
 None of the above34 (9)
 Others (please specify)4 (1)
Preferred preventive health care packages
 Domestic staff screening99 (26)
 Pre-employment test91 (24)
 Preschool screening test72 (19)
 Advanced heart check78 (20)
 Diabetic package73 (19)
 Liver screening package75 (20)
 Pre-marital screening98 (26)
 Routine complete check-up254 (67)
 Senior citizens check-up36 (9)