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Table 2 Criteria applied to obtain final patient treatment pathways and diagnosis.

From: Colorectal Cancer (CRC) treatment and associated costs in the public sector compared to the private sector in Johannesburg, South Africa

1. Treatment lines were determined by chemotherapy medicines grouped together if claimed over a single 3-month period.
2. Diagnosis was finalised based on the data captured and classification made by the medical scheme and was changed to late CRC if a biological medicine was used in either 1st or 2nd line treatment or more than two lines of therapy were followed by a biological medicine.
3. Each treatment line was colour-coded within the pathway for each patient and the treatment criteria were applied to finalize the number of treatment lines.
A change in treatment line occurred if:
• Oxaliplatin was switched to irinotecan or vice versa.
• A biological medicine was included or changed to another biological medicine.
No change in treatment line occurred if:
• A medicine was not prescribed for a certain number of cycles.
• 5-FU was switched to capecitabine or vice versa.
• An oxaliplatin/irinotecan-containing regimen was changed to 5-FU/capecitabine monotherapy.