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Table 2 Proportion of facilities performing basic and comprehensive PAC signal functions, nationally and facility type, Zimbabwe 2016

From: Evaluating the quality and coverage of post-abortion care in Zimbabwe: a cross-sectional study with a census of health facilities

 TotalFacility Type
Public primary health centersPublic referral hospitalsPrivate and NGO facilities
Basic Signal Functions
 Removal of retained products of conception179%36%97%89%
 Parenteral antibiotics71%36%87%79%
 Intravenous fluids61%49%69%61%
 Contraceptives (condom, pills or injectables)87%97%86%79%
 Communication means or referral capacity93%85%95%98%
Comprehensive Signal Functions2
 Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs): implants or IUDs81%83%77%
 Blood transfusion38%49%21%
 Surgical/laparotomy capability69%89%39%
Total number of facilities2275910266
  1. 1 Includes MVA/EVA, misoprostol and D&C/D&E
  2. 2 Comprehensive facilities must have all of the basic signal functions (excluding referral capacity) plus at least one long-acting reversible contraceptive method (IUDs or implants), blood transfusion and surgical capability. Public primary health centers were not included in the denominator for national comprehensive signal functions