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Table 3 Mean number of inpatient days in the two years before and after PCA contract initiation

From: When patients decide the admission – a four year pre-post study of changes in admissions and inpatient days following patient controlled admission contracts

Subgroup Inpatient daysReduction of days
Diagnostic groupNBeforeAfterMeanPercent
 Addiction disorder (F10–19)3107.030.376.771.7
 Schizophrenia spectrum disorder (F20–29)16175.180.494.754.1
 Bipolar disorder (F30–31)9102.782.220.420.0
 Depressive disorder (F32–33)8105.668.836.834.8
 Anxiety and adjustment disorders (F41–43)8128.180.847.436.9
 Personality disorder (F60–69)1090.747.343.447.9
Severity of problems (HoNOS mean score)
 0–1 (lower tertial sum score)18111.965.046.941.9
 1.1–1.3 (middle tertial sum score)21103.672.431.230.1
 1.4–2.5 (upper tertial sum score)18167.
Involuntary inpatient care in the two years before PCA contract
 1 or more involuntary inpatient days13177.8100.277.543.6
 No involuntary inpatient days44109.662.347.343.2
Alcohol use or drug abuse
 Use without problems5200.042.4157.678.8
 Abuse or dependency9145.766.179.654.6
Use of municipal day care center
Conversations with municipal staff at least once per month
Received municipal home services
Outpatient consultation once per month or more
Regular contact with psychosis treatment team