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Table 1 Patient characteristics at the time of inclusion (N = 57)

From: When patients decide the admission – a four year pre-post study of changes in admissions and inpatient days following patient controlled admission contracts

 Above 6611.8
 Married or living with a partner1017.5
 Unmarried, widowed or divorced4782.5
Living alone
 Ordinary housing4782.5
 Housing with part-time supervision47.0
 Housing with full-time supervision47.0
Main diagnoses (ICD-10 codesa)
 Addiction disorder (F10–19)35.3
 Schizophrenia spectrum disorder (F20–29)1628.1
 Bipolar disorder (F30–31)915.8
 Depressive disorder (F32–33)814.0
 Anxiety and adjustment disorders (F41–43)814.0
 Personality disorder (F60–69)1017.5
Alcohol use
 Abstinent or non-detrimental use3968.4
 Abuse or dependency712.3
Drug use
 Abstinent or non-detrimental use4171.9
 Abuse or dependency35.3
HoNOSbscore 3 or 4 (need for intervention)
 H01. Overactive, aggressive, disruptive or agitated behavior23.5
 H02. Non-accidental self-injury915.8
 H03. Problem drinking or drug-taking712.3
 H04. Cognitive problems610.5
 H05. Physical illness or disability problems915.8
 H06. Problems associated with hallucinations and delusions1119.3
 H07. Problems with depressed mood2340.4
 H08. Other mental and behavioral problems2442.1
 H09. Problems with relationships2340.4
 H10. Problems with activities of daily living915.8
 H11. Problems with living conditions11.8
 H12. Problems with occupation and activities610.5
  1. aICD-10: International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision
  2. bHoNOS: Health of the Nation Outcome Scale