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Table 1 Information of the participants

From: Maternal, neonatal, and child health systems under rapid urbanization: a qualitative study in a suburban district in Vietnam

Interview numberIdentityLocationUser/Provider
IDI 1~29MotherCommuneUser
IDI 30Grandmother
IDI 31~362 Vice Heads of CHSCHSProvider
Manager of CHS
2 Midwives
Health worker
IDI 37~38Vice director of DHDHProvider
IDI 39Director of DHCDHCProvider
IDI 40Head of DHODHOProvider
FGI 1Head of obstetric divisionDHProvider
3 Midwives
FGI 24 Grand mothersSai SonSenior
1 Grand fatherCommune
FGI 35 MothersYen SonUser
  1. IDI In-depth interview, FGI Focus group interview, CHS Commune Health Station, DH District hospital, DHC District Health Center, DHO District Health Office