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Table 2 ANC services and supplies by type of health facility (n)

From: Assessment of facility and health worker readiness to provide quality antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care in rural Southern Nepal

ANC tests prior to and during consultationsDistrict Hospital (N = 1)PHCC (N = 5)HP (N = 16)Private (N = 2)Total (N = 24)
Routinely conducted for all ANC clientsa
 Weighing clients1515223
 Taking blood pressure1515223
 Urine test for protein152210
 Blood test for anemia152210
 Conducting group health education sessions1311015
Tests and services routinely offered (at least once during ANC)N = 1N = 5N = 16N = 2N = 23
 Blood test for anemia14229
 Blood test for syphilis13228
 Blood group04228
 Test for Rh factor03227
 Urine test for protein14229
 Urine test for glucose13228
 Counseling on danger signs for pregnancy, labor/delivery, PNC1515223
 Counseling to come to birthing center for delivery and to bring their ANC card1515223
 Counseling about family planning1314220
 Counseling about HIV/AIDS0111214
 Testing for HIV/AIDS11529
Tetanus Toxoid Vaccinations available at the ANC
 Yes, all days ANC available00314
 Yes, but not all days (only designated days in a month)1513120
Infection control items in ANC room a
 Soap and running water1411218
 Hand disinfectant (Alcohol hand rub)01708
 Sharps container1515223
Essential supplies for basic ANCa
 Blood pressure apparatus1516224
 Adult weighing scale1415222
 Iron and/or folic acid tablets018110
 Mebendazole/Albendazole tablets1316121
 Urine test strip for protein13127
  1. aObserved or reported AND functioning