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Table 1 Characteristics of patients, primary care practices, GPs and countries included in the study

From: Patients’ perception of communication at the interface between primary and secondary care: a cross-sectional survey in 34 countries

Characteristics of patients (N = 60,762)
 Gender (percentage female)61.0
 Age (mean ± SDa)51.0 ± 17.4
Income (percentage, compared to the average of the country)
 Below average30.8
 Around average56.9
 Above average12.3
Perceived health status (percentages)
 Very good14.3
Presence of at least one longstanding disease (percentage yes)49.9
Patients with a personal doctor (percentage yes)95.7
Characteristics of primary care practices and GPs (N = 7183)
Gender of GPs (percentage female)52.2
Age of GPs (mean ± SDa)50.3 ± 9.6
Practice location (percentages)
 Big (inner)city31.8
 Suburbs or small town34.6
 Mixed urban-rural or rural33.4
Employment status (percentages)
Frequency of referral letters sent to medical specialists by GPs (percentage)
 For all the patients who they refer64.9
 For most patients who they refer20.8
 For a minority of patients who they refer7.8
 Seldom or never6.5
Frequency of feedback received from medical specialists (percentage)
 Always, or almost always38.1
 Seldom or never11.7
Score of job satisfaction of GPs, range 1–4 (mean ± SDa)2.5 ± 0.5
Characteristics of countries (N = 34)
 List system in place (percentage yes)52.9
  1. aSD Standard Deviation