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Table 4 Management of medication intake – quotes from the patients

From: Understanding patients’ experience living with diabetes type 2 and effective disease management: a qualitative study following a mobile health intervention in Bangladesh

Self-motivation I have to take medications, because I have to live and stay healthy. So, I take medications regularly” (Intervention 1: female, SSC, housewife).
No matter what happens, I give my treatment the first priority” (Control 3: female, SSC, housewife).
Familial support (emotional and financial) I try to make her [wife] aware and she [wife] does as well. We [husband and wife] do mutually take care of each other as both of us have the same disease [diabetes] and stress” (Intervention 2: male, PSC, small business).
My husband is very conscious about my medications. He gives me money to buy the monthly medicines at a time. So, there is not even a single day interruption of my medication intake” (Control 4: female, SSC, housewife).
My husband even doesn’t know if I have diabetes or any other diseases. He even never asks me what medications I am taking” (Control 2: female, SSC, private company).
Financial constraint Normally, I do not miss insulin. But sometimes I cannot take it [insulin] due to money. If I don’t have money, simply I cannot buy insulin” (Control 5: female, NFS, small business).
Anger as a barrier to adherence “Sometimes I skipped medicines due to anger. I feel angry with myself why I have to take medicines all the time” (Intervention 6: male, SSC, small business).