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Table 1 Variables used to describe the patients living situation, health care utilization, and costs

From: Till death do us part: the effect of marital status on health care utilization and costs at end-of-life. A register study on all colorectal cancer decedents in Norway between 2009 and 2013

 VariableUnits #SourceComments
Health care utilization
Secondary care
 InpatientaTreatmentNPR [32]All inpatient treatments (including ‘day-treatment’ and ‘overnight-treatments’)
OutpatientaTreatmentNPR [32]All outpatient treatments
Primary care
 General practitionerConsultationsKUHR [31]One claim equals one consultation, including minor consultations such as telephone consultations and consultations for blood tests only
Emergency roomVisitsKUHR [31]One claim equals one visit
Home- and community-based care
 Practical assistanceHoursIPLOS [36]Total number of hours
Nursing assistanceHoursIPLOS [36]Total number of hours
Living arrangements
 HospitalDaysNPR [32]Sum of days in hospital
Long term institutionsDaysIPLOS [36]Sum days in long term institutions
Short term institutionsDaysIPLOS [36]Sum days in short term institutions
HomeDaysSum days at home (= total number of days - days in hospital - days in long - short term institutions)
Health care costs
 Secondary careCosts secondary careNOKNPR [32] KUHR [31]Inpatient stay: DRG weight * unit costs. Outpatient stay: DRG weight * unit cost. Other costs not captured in DRG: laboratory, radiology and patient co-payment: (claim + co-payment) / 0,3
 Primary careCosts primary careNOKKUHR [31] HDIR [37]Claim + out of pocket / 0,3
 Home- and community-based careCosts home- and community-based careNOKIPLOS [36] KOSTRA [38] Langeland [39]Days in institution * NOK 2714 + hours of practical assistance
* NOK 422 + hours of practical assistance * NOK 610
 Total costsTotal costsNOKSum of total costs secondary, primary and home- and community-based care
  1. aThe sum of inpatient and outpatient treatments, equals the total number of treatments in hospital
  2. NPR Norwegian patient registry, KUHR The Control and Payment of Health Reimbursement register, IPLOS the Individual-based nursing and care statistics register, HDIR The Norwegian Directorate of Health, KOSTRA Municipality-State-Reporting