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Table 2 Characteristics of main barriers and appropriate solutions for hypertension care

From: Challenges and opportunities in the continuity of care for hypertension: a mixed-methods study embedded in a primary health care intervention in Tajikistan

Wrong understandings of disease and its therapy among people living with the illnessEnable understanding of hypertension and its therapy among people with hypertension
The high time and monetary costs of seeking careReduce the time and monetary costs of seeking care
Ambiguous and inappropriate clinical guidelines, particularly for remote under-resourced areasImprove the ease of understanding of clinical guidelines and adapting them to ensure their relevance to the context
Shortages of human resource for health and equipment for blood pressure monitoringEnsure the supply of trained and equipped health workers
A lack of support from peers, family, providers, and the community for initiation and adherence to hypertension careIncorporate support from peers, families, and communities