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Table 3 PEI scores between intervention and control at post-intervention and 3-month follow-up

From: Effectiveness of motivational interviewing on improving Care for Patients with type 2 diabetes in China: A randomized controlled trial

 Intervention(n = 117)Control(n = 108)Intervention vs Control
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)Mean (SD)Mean (SD)P valueP value
1. Able to face your life0.63(0.64)1.14(0.53)*0.81(0.70)0.96(0.57)0.060.03
2. Able to understand your illness0.86(076)1.19(0.54)*0.75(0.68)0.95(0.58)*0.310.01
3. Able to live with your illness0.68(0.65)1.18(0.53)*0.75(0.74)0.92(0.58)0.440.00
4. Able to maintain good health0.61(0.65)1.19(0.50)*0.81(0.74)0.96(0.54)0.030.00
5. Confident about your health0.71(0.66)1.30(0.48)*0.89(0.76)1.00(0.58)0.080.00
6. Able to self-help0.70(0.67)1.28(0.48)*0.90(0.71)0.95(0.58)0.070.00
  1. * p < 0.05