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Table 1 Timeline of events following the earthquake

From: Determinants and supporting factors for rebuilding nursing workforce in a post-disaster setting

DatesAccidents / Government’s responseHospitals’ operations
11 March 2011The earthquake and tsunami occurredResponse to emergency patients
Evacuation order for 3 km radius of NPP issued 
12 MarchThe explosion of Unit 1 at NPPTransportation of patients began
 Evacuation order of 20 km radiusVoluntary evacuation advice to staff (Public Hospital and Public Hospital 2)
14 MarchThe explosion of Unit 3 
15 MarchThe explosion of Unit 4 
Stay-In-House order for 30 km radius issued 
17 MarchEmergency evacuation plan issued 
The city’s evacuation transportation for residents began 
18–21 March Private Hospital 2 and JA hospital closure
Public Hospital’s patient wards closed, operations limited to outpatients
Private Hospital 1 closure *Reopened 4 April