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Table 5 Factors influencing total scores of the sf-DCS in influenza immunization decision context and breast cancer screening decision context

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric assessment of the statement format Decisional Conflict Scale for Mandarin version

Decision contextIndependent variableStandardized coefficientsStandard errorP valuetVariance inflation factor (VIF)
Influenza immunization decision context (n = 437)Self-perceived prior knowledge level0.2091.741< 0.0014.6611.052
Decisions/ intentions0.2171.692< 0.0014.9281.013
Have you read the information provided about influenza immunization?0.2011.172< 0.0014.5211.029
Breast cancer screening decision context (n = 238)Self-perceived prior knowledge level0.2451.895< 0.0014.0331.011
Occupation (“Not in work” compared to “non-medical related occupation”)0.1601.8660.0092.6211.022
Have you read the information provided about breast cancer screening?0.1311.6270.0342.1341.029