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Table 1 Characteristics of participants

From: Cost-related medication nonadherence among over-indebted individuals enrolled in statutory health insurance in Germany: a cross-sectional population study

Total sample
(n = 604)a
(n = 203)
(n = 401)
Diff. between groupsc
Age      0.173
 18–29 years10717.74120.26616.5 
 30–49 years30350.210752.719648.9 
 50–64 years15625.84723.210927.2 
 65–79 years386.383.9307.5 
Gender      0.023
Migrant background      0.923
Marital status      0.119d
 Previously married23238.48340.914937.2 
 Never married23438.78541.914937.2 
Number of children      0.668d
 No children17629.15828.611829.4 
 1 child13322.04823.68521.2 
 2 children15425.55426.610024.9 
 3 or more children13722.74321.29423.4 
Education level      0.209d
Employment status      0.964d
Chronic illness      < 0.001
Communication about financial problems with GP      0.044
  1. aLogistic regression analysis included individuals with complete covariate and outcome data only (n = 521)
  2. bCRN: Any cost-related medication nonadherence in the last 12 months
  3. cDifferences between groups examined by chi-squared test or Fisher’s exact testd