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Table 4 Study population characteristics in Gaibandha district

From: Antenatal care in rural Bangladesh: current state of costs, content and recommendations for effective service delivery

Service provision characteristicsCommunity (n = 4)Facility (n = 5)Fisher's exact test
ProviderEmployee designationFamily Welfare Visitor, Paramedic
BRAC Shyastho Kormi
Family Welfare Visitor, Paramedics, Nurse, Doctors
Age (years)26, 28, 35, 36 years old26, 29, 40 years old
Schooling (years)11-14 years10-14 years
Working on ANC service (years)3-10 years3-10 years
Last training received (years)1-10 years ago3-10 years ago
Mother's characteristicsCommunity (n = 34)Facility (n = 36)P-value
ParityFirst pregnancy1853%1336%0.23
Not first pregnancy1647%2364%
GAWithin 12 weeks824%26%0.01
13-26 week618%1953%
27-32 week1441%1336%
33-38 week618%26%
ANC1st visit1441%2261%0.30
2nd visit926%617%
3rd visit824%411%
> 4th visits39%411%
SchoolingNo schooling515%514%0.08
Class 1~9 completed2574%2158%
Secondary/High school completed39%719%
Degree or higher13%38%
Household occupationInformal (own farm/unskilled labor/own business)2882%2775%0.24
Formal (private service/government)618%925%