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Table 1 Fixed Modelling Assumptions

From: Estimating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of establishing additional endovascular Thrombectomy stroke Centres in England: a discrete event simulation

Primary Stoke Centres (PSC) in addition to CSCsFIXED at 50 in both scenarios
Stroke incidence in EnglandFIXED at 80,800 For compatibility with model predicting optimal number of CSCs centres [6, 19]
Early presenters presentation timesFIXED to the distribution of those moderate and severe (NIHSS ≥6) confirmed LAO strokes presenting to a large Hospital in North East Englanda.
Stroke patient characteristicsFIXED to those of the HERMES Meta-Analysis cohort [18]
DistancesFIXED road distances calculated by Geographic Information System (GIS) from geographic population weighted centroid of Local Super Output Area of patients home or between locations of PSU and CSC [6]
Time dependent outcomes of EVTFIXED to those of the HERMES Meta-Analysis cohort [18]
Early presentersFIXED at those initially presenting to either a PSU or an EVT CSC within 270 min of stroke onset [19].
Stroke mimicsNo mimics are included in the simulation
DeathIs determined only by mRS at 90 days or following subsequent deterioration
DeteriorationOnly occurs within 5 years and is determined only by mRS at 90 days and is FIXED at a two point increase in mRS to a maximum of 5.
Door in Door OutFIXED at 60 min, determined by optimisation [6]
Door to EVT timeFIXED at 90 min, determined by optimisation [6]
Maximum LifetimeFIXED at 100 years
  1. aNorthumbria Healthcare median onset to door time for all LAO with NIHSS > = 6 is 180 min, IQR 80–690 min