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Table 4 Descriptive statistics of Weller TMT (Teamwork Measurement Tool) and its subscales

From: Workload and influencing factors in non-emergency medical transfers: a multiple linear regression analysis of a cross-sectional questionnaire study

 Mean (SD)Median (IQR)
Leadership and team coordination6.28 (0.93)6.57 (6.00–7.00)
Verbalizing situational information5.23 (1.60)5.59 (4.00–6.71)
Mutual performance monitoring5.88 (1.60)6.58 (5.50–7.00)
Overall TMT Score5.77 (1.19)6.02 (5.17–6.67)
  1. The table shows the average values of the TMT and its three subdimensions