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Table 2 Ten research topics emerged classified by LDA for titles and abstracts’ contents

From: Economic evaluation studies in the field of HIV/AIDS: bibliometric analysis on research development and scopes (GAPRESEARCH)

NoTopicMost frequent termsNPercent
1ART interventioncost-effectiveness; antiretroviral; therapy; patients; analysis, clinical; effectiveness; treatment; objective; infection, highly; regimens; study; HIV-infected; combination, trial; active; HAART; HIV-1; adults4513.2%
2Drug use prevention interventioncost-effectiveness; treatment; methadone; maintenance; injection, users; health; programs; study; intervention, supervised; drugs; prevention; reduction; background, opioid; analysis; substance; abuse; injecting4112.0%
3Prevention of mother-to-child transmission interventioncost-effectiveness; transmission; Africa; objective; model; south; women; prevent; methods; effectiveness; sub-Saharan; mother-to-child; prevention; strategies; analysis; design; reduce; health; interventions; estimate3710.8%
4Cancer screening and testing intervention in HIV/AIDS patientsHuman; virus; immunodeficiency; cost-effectiveness; screening; Hepatitis; testing; blood; infection; study; compared; antibody; cancer; background; tests; cervical; donations; purpose; papillomavirus; determine3610.5%
5ART intervention in resource-limited settingsantiretroviral; therapy; cost-effectiveness; settings; background, treatment; monitoring; health; Africa; resource-limited, clinical; sub-Saharan; guidelines; viral; resistance, world; different; first-line; organization; countries3510.2%
6HIV counseling and testing interventiontesting; screening; cost-effectiveness; united; states, analysis; objective; voluntary; counseling; design, effectiveness; disease; routine; impact; evaluate, infection; patients; expanded; benefits; objectives339.6%
7Condom distribution interventioncost-effectiveness; analysis; transmitted; workers; sexually, infections; female; background; south; condom, program; impact; Africa; cost-benefit; cost-utility, India; health; evidence; diseases; intervention329.4%
8HIV-related respiratory diseases treatment and preventionEffectiveness; tuberculosis; background; HIV-infected; patients; strategies; infection; efficacy; diagnosis; mortality; Individuals; rapid; diagnostic; study; persons; early; preventive; infected; isoniazid; Uganda288.2%
9Pre and post-exposure prophylaxis interventionscost-effectiveness; prophylaxis; economic; impact; evaluation, prevention; sexual; background; pre-exposure; intervention, program; potential; objective; post-exposure; exposure, Zambia; couples; following; service; methods288.2%
10HIV/AIDS vaccination interventioncosts; prevention; HIV/aids; cost-effectiveness; effectiveness, interventions; disease; economic; treatment; estimates, study; comparing; important; medical; policy; using; healthcare; integrated; incremental; vaccine277.9%