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Table 4 South African adolescent health data elements (DE) and indicators (I) recommended for use from 1st April 2017

From: Primary healthcare and school health service utilisation by adolescents and young adults in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

PHC headcount 10–19 y (DE)
PHC utilisation rate 10–19 y (I)
Mental health clients under 18 years (DE)
Mental health separations under 18 years (DE)a
Male medical circumcision 10–14 years (DE)
Delivery 10–14 years in facility (DE)b
Delivery 15–19 years in facility (DE)b
Delivery in 10 to 19 years in facility rate (I)b
Termination of pregnancy 10–19 years (DE)
  1. aClient under 18 years admitted for mental health conditions [25].
  2. bDelivery where the mother is 10–14 years or 15–19 years old. These deliveries are done in facilities under the supervision of trained medical/ nursing staff [25].