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Table 1 Summary of the primary screening performance for fetal Down syndrome

From: Fetal Down syndrome screening models for developing countries; Part I: Performance of Maternal Serum Screening

 Final RiskN (%)Down SyndromeSensitivityFalse Positive
Maternal Serum Screening Based on Caucasian Reference Ranges
 Contingent screen (C-S)LR25,580 (86.2%)786.8%13.7%
HR4112 (13.8%)46
Total29,692 (100%)53
 Second trimester serum screen (STS) aloneLR10,877 (88.9%)576.2%11.0%
HR1355 (11.1%)16
Total12,232 (100.0%)21
 C-S plus STSLR36,457 (87.0%)1283.8%12.9%
HR5467 (13.0%)62
Total41,924 (100%)74
Maternal Serum Screening Based on Thai Reference Ranges
 Contingent screen (C-S)LR27,361 (92.1%)884.9%7.7%
HR2331 (7.9%)45
Total29,692 (100%)53
 Second trimester serum screen (STS) aloneLR11,093 (90.7%)576.2%9.2%
HR1139 (9.3%)16
Total12,232 (100%)21
 C-S plus STSLR38,454 (91.7%)1382.4%8.1%
HR3470 (8.3%)61
Total41,924 (100%)74
 First trimester serum screen (FTS) aloneLR27,627 (93.0%)1179.2%6.8%
HR2065 (7.0%)42
Total29,692 (100%)53
 I-S (Independently combined first and second trimester)LR38,720 (92.4%)1678.4%7.5%
HR3204 (7.6%)58
Total41,924 (100%)74
Age-based Screening
 Combined First and Second TrimesterLR36,967 (88.2%)5229.7%11.8%
HR4957 (11.8%)22
Total41,924 (100%)74