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Table 1 Participating Clinics

From: Implementing eScreening technology in four VA clinics: a mixed-method study

Clinic Type Goal Appointment Patient Type Provider type When eScreening occurred Person overseeing eScreening
TCM VHA Enrollment Demo, medical and admin data; Triage Walk-in Post-9/11 Veterans Social work providers Waiting for appointment Social work
PC Medical Care Medical data; Clinical reminders Scheduled All era Veterans Physicians, nurses Prior to appointment Admin staff
PTSD Specialty MH Care Symptom severity Scheduled All era Veterans/w PTSD Psychologists Prior to and during appointment Admin staff and providers
MHA Urgent MH Care Symptom severity; Triage Walk-in All era Veterans in MH crisis Psychiatrist and social work provider ** **
  1. Note: Admin Administrative, Demo Demographic, MH Mental Health, MHA Mental Health Access, PC Primary Care, PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, TCM Transition Care Management, VHA Veterans Health Administration, ** No eScreening completed