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Table 1 Description of Observed Activities

From: Bubble CPAP and oxygen for child pneumonia care in Malawi: a CPAP IMPACT time motion study

Task Description
Communication Verbal communication with colleague or caregiver while not completing any other activity
Documentation Writing in chart or filling of forms including paper and tablet documentation
Physical Examination Physical examination, not including vitals
Vital signs Counting respirations and measuring oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and temperature
Digital auscultation lung sound recording Digital recording of patient lung sounds
Video recording of breathing Video recording of respiration pattern
Blood draw Blood draw for point of care or laboratory based tests including malaria rapid test, malaria smear, capillary blood gas, hemoglobin test, HIV rapid test, blood glucose
Medication administration Setting up and administering medications
Feeding Administering feeding including oral and nasogastric feeds and insertion of a nasogastric tube
Suctioning Nasal or oral suctioning
Adjustment of equipment Set up and adjustment of all parts of the bCPAP or oxygen equipment except the nasal interface
Adjustment of nasal interface Set up and adjustment of mask, head gear, or nasal prongs including ensuring tight seal of mask around patient’s nose
Not at bedside Person not at bedside
Not otherwise specified Task not otherwise specified