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Table 1 Selected sub-themes, categories and themes

From: Men’s perspectives on male participation in antenatal care with their pregnant wives: a case of a military hospital in Lusaka, Zambia

Sub-themes Categories Themes
Provision of necessities during pregnancy Views on roles of men in antenatal care Roles of men in antenatal care
Acquiring information on pregnancy and needed care
Providing physical and emotional support to wife
Knowing what pregnant women go through Views on meaning of men attending antennal clinic Meaning of men attending antenatal clinic
Expression of love and care
Collective responsibility
Opportunity for learning
Deprivation of privacy
Barrier to appropriate care
Knowledge of importance of attending ANC Enabling factors Motivation for men to attend or not attend antenatal care with their wives
Desire to get information about pregnancy and care
Desire to have a healthy mother and baby
Privileges given to those who attend as couples
Desire to be part of decision making
Desire to be a responsible father
Military operations Deterring factors
Not knowing that men also need to attend ANC
Belief that presence of husband interferes with care
Fear of HIV test
Feminine environment Views on masculinity Masculinity
Female health workers