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Table 5 Details of the exposure measures and quintile categories used in the multivariable regression analysis

From: Weekend admissions and mortality for major acute disorders across England and Wales: record linkage cohort studies

Reductions in admission rates at weekends: Measured as percentage reductions in admission rates at weekends compared with week days
Medical disease category: Circulatory, respiratory, gastrointestinal, trauma, cancers, ageing-related and other disorders
Mortality on the day of admission: Measured as percentages of deaths on the day of admission compared with all deaths by day 30
Changes in the source of admission at weekends: Measured as the risk ratio at weekends (compared with week days) of admissions through hospital emergency departments rather than via primary care or consultant clinics
Mean patient age: Measured in age (years)
Patient social deprivation: Measured as the percentage of patients admitted with the most deprived social deprivation groups IV and V