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Table 3 Framework for describing enablers and barriers to reclassification emerging from the interviews

From: Analysing the landscape for prescription to non-prescription reclassification (switch) in Germany: an interview study of committee members and stakeholders

• Process and Committee
 ◦ Scientific advisory meeting
 ◦ Application
 ◦ Need for evidence
 ◦ BfArM evaluation
 ◦ Committee membership
 ◦ Committee meeting
 ◦ Committee trust in consumers, pharmacists and companies
 ◦ Conditions or guidelines for supply
 ◦ Attendance at the meeting by an expert for the company
 ◦ Post-committee process
• The Health System including Funding
 ◦ Health funding
 ◦ Access to health care
 ◦ Medical influence and perspectives
 ◦ Pharmacy influence and perspectives
• Industry aspects
• Other factors
 ◦ Consumer culture and behaviour
 ◦ Politics