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Table 5 Average Scores for Outcome Attributes

From: Detecting and managing hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: a cross-sectional analysis of the quality of antenatal care in Nigeria

Outcome AttributeTotalPrimarySecondaryp-value
meanSD% of totalmeanSD% of totalmeanSD% of total
Wait and cost (0–3)1.580.0952.61.340.1744.71.670.1155.70.052
Satisfaction (0–5)3.010.1160.32.760.2355.33.110.1262.30.092*
Health literacy (0–8)3.800.2047.53.160.3339.54.050.2450.60.020
Total outcome score (0–16)8.390.2652.57.260.5145.48.840.3055.20.004
  1. *equal variances not assumed (using F statistic, p < 0.05)