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Table 3 Questions about health care organization in Ecuador

From: Attitudes and perceptions of medical doctors towards the local health system: a questionnaire survey in Ecuador

Questions No. %
Q.14 Do you agree with the work schedule of 8 h a day for specialists?
 Yes 233 38.0
 No 337 62.0
Q. 15 Should a 4-h position be opened in a public hospital; would you be willing to work there?
 Yes, I would work for a proportional part-time wage (4 h /day) 229 48.0
 Yes, I would work 4 h, but I want to earn much as a full-time wage (8 h/day) 227 36.0
 No, I would never work in the public sector 52 8.0
 Other 44 7.0
Q.16 In your opinion, what are the main problems of the Public Health Sector? (one or more answers can be chosen)
 There is too much paperwork 476 78.4
 There is a poor vision from health authorities 465 60.1
 There are deficiencies regarding the hospital infrastructure 325 53.5
 There is not a team work philosophy 285 46.9
 There is a predominance of the curative approach rather than a preventive approach 269 44.3
 Administrative personnel do a poor management job 269 44.3
 The hierarchical structure within the Public Sector does not work properly 261 43.0
 Health promotion needs improvement 242 39.8
 Lack of clear processes and procedures to deal with difficult situations 237 39.0
 The processes of referral of patients is mismanaged 214 35.2
 There are too many patients 207 34.1
 Protocols and clinical guidelines are non-existent. This difficult standardization of treatments 203 33.4
 Other 123 20.2
 There is an increase in chronic and noncommunicable diseases 116 19.1
 Medical costs are too high 49 8.0