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Table 1 Setting, approach and respondents per site

From: How unmet are unmet needs post-stroke? A policy analysis of the six-month review

  Case study 1 Case study 2 Case study 3
Setting and model of review
 Who carried out the 6MR? SNSs based in NHS Trusts that provided community stroke rehabilitation. SNS employed by a social enterprise that provided community stroke rehabilitation. The SNS’s post was split between 6MRs and Early Supported Discharge. SA co-ordinator.
 Model of review Medical model focused on medication, investigations and referrals to other statutory services. Medical model supplemented by two sessions of a ‘life after stroke’ group which focused on self-management and a ‘personal stroke plan’ booklet provided in the acute setting. Social model focused on sign-posting to community services such as exercise classes.
 Timing of the 6MR Generated by administrative system, mostly at 6 months. Generated by administrative system, mostly at 6 months. SA co-ordinator liaised with the community stroke team so reviews coincided with therapy withdrawing.
 Were 6 week reviews provided? Yes, by SNS and/or the stroke consultanta. Yes, by the SNS in the acute setting and/or the stroke consultanta. Some initial visits when requested by therapists and/or consultant reviewsa.
 Were annual reviews funded? Yes No No
Respondents: patients
 Number of patients (and carers) interviewed after 6MRb 26 (14) 15 (11) 5 (5)
 Patients’ age range, years. 28-88 31-91 67-80
 Number of patients of working age at time of stroke 11 6 1
 Number of patients with other long-term conditions 13 6 3
 Number of patients who were married or co-habiting 17 10 4
Respondents: reviewers & others
 Stroke nurse specialists 3 3 -
 SA co-ordinator - - 1
 SA support workers 1 1 -
 Physio/ occupational therapist, service manager, GP or commissioner 6 5 2
 Across site interviews including SA managers 6
Observations of reviews
 6MR 10 9 4
 1 year review 6 - -
  1. aConsultant reviews were medical rather than a structured 6MR; some consultants liaised with SNSs to avoid duplication
  2. bPatients/carers were interviewed to coincide with their 6 week, 6 month, and (where possible) annual review