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Table 1 Recommendations for high quality healthcare for OA patients from PaCER reporta and example survey items

From: Co-design of a patient experience survey for arthritis central intake: an example of meaningful patient engagement in healthcare design


Example survey items

Patient needs right knowledge:

 • Has to be comprehensive, detailed, and no-nonsense.

 • Knowledge on disease progression, and corresponding evidence-based management strategies

 • Information on when should we seek help and from whom

 • What can the patient do when something no longer works.

• The care providers at the clinic explained the proposed treatment plan to me in a way I could understand

• The care providers at the clinic responded to all my questions or concerns in a way I could understand

• The providers at the clinic explained to me what to do if my arthritis gets worse

Patient needs right professional support:

 • Access to publicly funded evidence-based resources

 • Toolbox of disease management strategies at primary care level

 • Access to OA and RA expertise

• I received information on other options to manage my arthritis (e.g. physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, non-medical wellness strategies)

• It was difficult to reach the care providers at the clinic

Right relationship between patients and care providers:

 • Able to come back to someone who knows patients to assist to effectively self-manage

 • Remember patients as individuals

 • Remember patient’s previous visits

 • Personalized and evolving self-management plan embedding patient choices

• The care providers at the rheumatology clinic respected my wishes and ideas about my treatment

• The care providers made efforts to understand what having arthritis means to me

• My care was well-coordinated among different care providers at the rheumatology clinic

  1. aRecommendations from the report for each of the three themes (Miller et al. 2016) [7]