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Table 3 Spearman correlations between Q1, Q2, other PEI items, the PEI score, and the comparison questions; the construct validity of Q1, n = 483

From: Comparison of the Patient Enablement Instrument (PEI) with two single-item measures among Finnish Health care centre patients

PEI item Q1a Q2b
  Understand illness 0.40 0.70
  Q2: Cope with illness 0.49 1.00
  Keep yourself healthy 0.38 0.67
  Cope with life 0.43 0.62
  Keep confident about your health 0.40 0.57
  Help yourself 0.44 0.63
PEI score immediately 0.50 0.84
Comparison question
  I would recommend this doctor to a friend or a relative 0.31 0.20
  I benefited from my appointment with this doctor 0.47 0.29
  I was involved in the decisions made at the appointment 0.33 0.22
  I got adequate instructions to carry on with my care 0.40 0.25
  1. All correlations are statistically significant at the 0.05 level
  2. Note: all variables are non-dichotomised
  3. aQ1: “After this appointment, I feel I am able to cope better with my symptom/illness than before the appointment.” Answer options: “I totally agree / I partly agree / I partly disagree / I totally disagree”
  4. bQ2: “As a result of your visit to the doctor today, do you feel you are able to cope with illness …” Answer options: “much better / better / same or less”