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Table 2 Community pharmacists’ attitudes towards public health activities

From: Attitudes and practices of community pharmacists and barriers to their participation in public health activities in Yemen: mind the gap

Statement Mean (SD) Positive responses (%)
Pharmacists should not be involved in public health activities 1.51 (0.99) 92
People will not accept my participation in public health activities 1.98 (0.83) 83
I am not ready to be involved with public health activities. 2.02 (1.08) 75
It is not important for pharmacists to practice health promotion activities. 2.13 (1.03) 72
Health education only to problems related to drugs should be provided. 2.59 (1.27) 66
I am not interested in public health activities as it is the work of doctors and nurses 2.27 (1.01) 64
I don’t have enough knowledge to advice patients on health promotion and disease prevention. 2.23 (1.17) 63
Public health activities belong to health centers 3.44 (1.23) 47
I do not have the time to educate patients on health issues. 2.83 (0.95) 41
Other health workers do not allow pharmacists to carry out activities related to public health. 2.92 (0.66) 20