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Table 2 Structure of the guideline training ‘Mental Health Problems’ [30]

From: Effectiveness of a tailored implementation strategy to improve adherence to a guideline on mental health problems in occupational health care

Structure (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Explanation
Stepwise discussion of the guideline content (Plan1) In each meeting, the recommendations of part of the guideline are discussed
Barrier analysis: knowledge, attitude, and external barriers (Plan2) Identify individual and group barriers that hinder OPs from using the guideline by discussing guideline recommendations (a different part of the guideline in each meeting)
Discussion of possible solutions for specific barriers (Plan3) OPs discuss how specific barriers can be overcome by suggesting solutions to apply in practice
Action plan (Plan4) OPs draw up an action plan of how to implement these solutions in their daily practice, and agree on learning objectives and ‘homework’ assignments
Practice of suggested solutions (Do) OPs test the suggested solutions to experience how and if these would help in applying the guideline recommendation
Evaluation of experiences (Check) OPs’ experiences with the suggested solutions are evaluated to decide what did work and what did not work for performing the guideline recommendation
Adjustment of solutions if necessary (Act) If necessary, the solutions are adjusted according to what OPs experience in practice
  1. Source: Joosen et al. 2015 [30]
  2. OP Occupational physician