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Table 7 Quotes from the dataset related to theme 3

From: Engaging multiple stakeholders to improve speech and language therapy services in schools: an appreciative inquiry-based study

Quote No. Participant reference Quote
1 T5 “to have good friends., true friends”
2. P6 “they are not in the clique – in the gang, they are outsiders and don’t know how to get in- they need to know how to get in”
3. C1 “I want to talk, you know like, talking the way they (peers) do, so they will listen and think I’m interesting”
4. SLT7 “he is putting his hand up in class.. participating … he knows the answer”
5. C1 “to be able to talk more in class, so I can to try out new ideas”
6. P6 “they need to be able to figure out the grey areas, you know, reading other people’s intentions”
7. C2 “… to be able to listen to people’s thoughts and see inside their head”
8. C6 “if this person was feeling this way … knowing how that person is feeling … learning what would you do”
9. T1 “everybody has strengths and weaknesses. The important thing is that you know yourself so you can help yourself”
10. P6 “I want him to be able to notice that (how he feels) himself and be able to do what he needs to keep himself right”
11. SLT8 “I think for children who don’t understand, it would be one of the key strategies to actually know it and say when they don’t understand”
12. C2 “… everybody thinks he is really brave but inside he is a really scared guy, he just acts like a tough guy in front of people … and they believe him and they leave him alone”
13. P7 “to be able to get stuck in and fight his corner in there- in a good way obviously”
14. P9 “to express himself when he feels it’s not fair in school”
15. P6 “life is about choices and decisions – nothing is black and white, everything can be can shape your own choices … I want him to be able to do that”
  1. C child, P parent, SLT speech and language therapist, T teacher