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Table 2 Participant details (parents)

From: Engaging multiple stakeholders to improve speech and language therapy services in schools: an appreciative inquiry-based study

Participant reference Relationship to child Location Speech and language therapy services accessed
P1 Mother Dublin Primary care servicea, language classb & CAMHSc
P2 Mother Limerick Primary care service, language class & private SLT
P3 Mother Dublin Primary care service, language class & special school
P4 Mother Clare Primary care service
P5 Mother Cork Primary care service
P6 Mother Dublin Primary care service & private SLT
P7 Mother Dublin Primary care service
P8 Father Dublin Primary care service
P9 Father Tipperary Early interventiond, primary care service
& language class
  1. P parent
  2. aspeech and language therapy service provided in the community as part of a primary care team
  3. ba ‘special’ class with reduced numbers of children in a mainstream school, all of whom have severe DLD. There is an SLT (employed from the local health service) assigned to the class, providing regular input
  4. cChild and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  5. dmulti-disciplinary team of health professionals who provide diagnostic services and treatment for children with multiple needs prior to school-age