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Table 1 Modell of marginal contribution analysis in a hospital

From: Economic efficiency versus accessibility: Planning of the hospital landscape in rural regions using a linear model on the example of paediatric and obstetric wards in the northeast of Germany

  DRG 1 DRG 2 DRG 3 DRG.. DRG n-2 DRG n-1 DRG n
Revenues x1d1 x2d2 x3d3 xn-2dn-2 xn-1dn-1 xndn
Direct Cost x1a1 x2a2 x3a3 xn-2an-2 xn-1an-1 xnan
= Contribution I x1(d1-a1) x2(d2-a2) x3(d3-a3) xn-2(dn-2-an-2) xn-1(dn-1-an-1) xn(dn-an)
DRG-fixed cost FD1 FD2 FD3 FDn-2 FDn-1 FDn
= Contribution II x1(d1-a1)- FD1 x2(d2-a2)- FD2 x3(d3-a3)- FD3 xn-2(dn-2-an-2)- FDn-2 xn-1(dn-1-an-1)- FDn-1 xn(dn-an)- FDn
department cost FA1 FAb
= Contribution III x1(d1-a1)- FD1 + x2(d2-a2)- FD2 - FA1 xn-2(dn-2-an-2)-FDn-2 + xn-1(dn-1-an-1)- FDn-1 + xn(dn-an)-FDn – Fab
hospital-fixed cost FK
= profit/loss \( \sum \limits_{j=1}^n\left({d}_j-{a}_j\right)\cdot {x}_j-\sum \limits_{j=1}^n{FB}_j-\sum \limits_{p=1}^b{FA}_p- FK \)