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Table 3 Expecting to be taken care of

From: “I just have to take it” – patient safety in acute care: perspectives and experiences of patients with chronic kidney disease

Subthemes Participant comments
Communication amongst providers “Your nurses change every day. Your doctors change every week. … and just communication needs to be better for patient safety for sure.” (P21 family member)
Communication between providers and participants “I don’t feel safe because what is, something is going on, they are not talking to me if nothing is going on but I would like to know either way and I’ve asked.” (P9)
Delays in care “I usually have to ask to get rolled over or something.” (P22)
“Well sometimes they take too long to come, that’s a big, big thing. I’ll be sitting in pain … and I was always wanting to use the washroom and … I have to force myself to get up and do it for myself …(P5)