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Table 1 Intended and actual outcomes

From: The impact of a combinatorial digital and organisational intervention on the management of long-term conditions in UK primary care: a non-randomised evaluation

  Outcome in the protocol Outcome analysed
1 Emergency admissions for a Test Bed condition (pre-defined primary outcome) Analysed in line with protocol
2 Emergency admissions for any condition Analysed in line with protocol
3 Emergency admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSCs) Analysed in line with protocol
4 Emergency attendances Analysed in line with protocol
5 GP referrals for outpatient appointments Analysed in line with protocol
6 Number of patients achieving NICE clinical standards of care Not analysed
7 Service utilisation: pulmonary rehabilitation Inhaler technique observed by GP
Use of spirometry by GP
8 Service utilisation: cardiac rehabilitation Use of echocardiogram by GP
9 Service utilisation for smoking cessation Smoking cessation advice recorded by GP
10 Service utilisation: diabetes management Referral by GP to diabetes education programme