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Table 1 Implementation Fidelity (content) of NUHS-RHS transitional care program (based on 42 observations and 33 reviews of medical records)

From: Implementation fidelity of a strategy to integrate service delivery: learnings from a transitional care program for individuals with complex needs in Singapore

Content Adherence (%) Level of Implementation Fidelity
Needs assessments 100.0 High
Development of personalized care plans 91.8 High
Symptoms management 89.2 High
Functional management 59.5 Moderate
Psychological support 43.2 Low
Medication management 63.5 Moderate
Home environment assessment 56.8 Moderate
Management of social issues 58.1 Moderate
Appointment management
(e.g. Reminders, checking attendance and consolidation)
50.0 Low
Promotion of self-care through education and empowerment 87.8 High
Referral to other services 23.0 Low
Advocacy 16.2 Low
Telephone monitoring 77.3 Moderate
Case closure 50.0 Low