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Table 1 Characteristics of the evaluated oncofertility decision support resources

From: An evaluation of oncofertility decision support resources among breast cancer patients and health care providers

Decision Support
Decision Aids Patient Educational Materials
Australian Decision Aid Netherlands Decision Aid Sunnybrook Option Grid LIVESTRONG Booklet LIVESTRONG FB Option Tool MyOncofertility (now SaveMyFertility)
Resource Description Author Peate et al. Garvelink et al. Warner et al. LIVESTRONG LIVESTRONG Oncofertility Consortium®
Development Group Academic Teaching Institution Academic Teaching Institution Academic Hospital Non- Profit Organization Non- Profit Organization Private Research University
Year Created/ Updated 2011/ 2016 2013/2014 2015 2013 2011
Type DA Booklet DA Website Online PDF Grid Booklet Online Tool Educational Website
Language English Dutch English English/Spanish English English/ Spanish
Target Population Sex Females Females Females All All All
Cancer Type(s) Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Breast Cancer All Cancer Types All Cancer Types All Cancer Types
Country Australia Netherlands Canada United States United States United States
  1. Abbreviations: DA decision aid, FB family-building