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Table 1 Key features of Telemedicine Rounding and Consultation (TRAC) Model

From: Barriers and enablers to implementing a virtual tertiary-regional Telemedicine Rounding and Consultation (TRAC) model of inpatient pediatric care using the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF) approach: a study protocol

 □ Daily inpatient rounding:
 ■ Monday to Friday
 ■ Health care teams meet to discuss a patient’s medical care plans.
 ■ Bedside rounds (rounds that occur at the bedside with the patient and family included in care planning) when able/appropriate.
 □ Telemedicine facilitated:
 ■ Real time audio-visual transmission using telemedicine cart (Fig. 1).
 ⃞ Tertiary-Regional Collaboration:
 ■ Collaboration between Alberta Children’s Hospital (tertiary) and Medicine Hat Regional Hospital (regional).
 □ Multidisciplinary teams:
 ■ General pediatricians, subspecialists, allied health professionals, nurses, nurse educators (based on patient needs)