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Table 1 List of sentinel events with related numeration

From: The contribution of legal medicine in clinical risk management

1. Procedure on the wrong patient
2. Surgical procedure on the wrong part of the body (side, organ or part)
3. Incorrect procedure on the correct patient
4. An instrument or other material left within the surgical site that requires subsequent surgery or further procedures
5. Transfusion reaction consequent to AB0 incompatibility
6. Death, coma or serious damage deriving from errors in pharmacological treatment
7. Maternal death or serious illness related to labor and / or delivery
8. Death or permanent disability in a healthy, > 2500 g weighted newborn, unrelated to congenital illness
9. Death or serious damage due to the patient falling
10. Suicide or attempted suicide of the patient in hospital
11. Violence on the patient
12. Acts of violence against the healthcare professionals
13. Death or serious damage consequent to the malfunctioning of the transport system (intra-hospital, outside the hospital)
14. Death or serious damage consequent to an incorrect triage code assigned by the 118 Operating Center and/or the Emergency Ward
15. Death or serious unexpected damage consequent to surgical intervention
16. Any other adverse event that causes death or serious damage to the patient